• Under the Sun is my latest collection of poems published in 2024 by Voicemail Press.
  • Under the Sun was expertly typeset and designed by Nat Ravenlock of The Book Typesetters in Newark. He was exceptionally helpful, patient and supportive at every stage of the book. See
  • Like its predecessor, the book was printed and bound by Gomer Press Ltd and I strongly recommend their work and expertise.

  • Poems of mine have appeared in Acumen, Alchemy Spoon, Allegro, Arts Richmond, Ink Sweat & Tears, The Spectator, Words for the Wild.

  • Articles and poems have also appeared in the online magazine Superpresent published in Austin, Texas.

  • Essays of mine have appeared in Acumen on the work of Emily Dickinson, Louise Glück and Gerda Mayer. See issues 103, 105, 108.

  • I have recently been writing some topical and satirical verses and a selection now appears on the website under the heading POLITICOS. See there for comments on Trump, Putin, Boris Johnson and others.

  • John Biggins of Aerta continues to maintain this website for me with swift and unfussy expertise. Many thanks go to him, as ever.