2002 (reprinted 2004)

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‘a poet of real if unflashy accomplishment, whose work deserves to be better known.’
– Vernon Scannell in the Sunday Telegraph

‘While dipping in to these voices offers rewards, the cumulative effect of reading from the beginning is extraordinary… This is a lively, varied and hugely enjoyable collection which will appeal not only to poetry lovers, but also to sceptics.’
– Frank Startup in The Librarian

‘Diverse and wide-ranging in style and content, the poems collected here none the less share the urge of ‘Father’ to speak directly to the reader. Thus there is a profoundly humane and humanist concern throughout the collection purposefully confirmed in the closing poems… In short: poetry matters.’
– Mark Moore

‘A multiplicity of voices characterizes this fine collection … His ability to make the familiar unfamiliar captures a profound sense of ‘Why this?’ … Forbes is a master of the striking image … And he has a strong sense of the elemental roots of the sacred… Speaking the infinite in the everyday, the unique in the endlessly quotable quotidian, and with wit, too: that’s some voice.’
– Stephen Elves in Connections

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